The impact of Menstrual Cups around the world


Menstrual Cups are a great alternative for women no matter where they live, but did you know they are changing the lives of women in developing countries too?

For women and girls around the world, menstruating can stop them from fulling participating in school, in their jobs, and in their communities. A woman living in a refugee camp in Malawi described her period as being grounded… That’s because for millions of women getting regular access to single use products like pads and tampons is challenging, and even if they use alternatives like rags or newspaper or even feathers or animal hide, the protection is unreliable and can cause health issues. That’s where the menstrual cup comes in.

As long as you have access to boil-able water, you can use a cup. They last a long time (up to 10 years) so it doesn’t matter if your local clinic only restocks every few months, and most importantly, it is safe.

Here are two organisations working to provide women in developing countries with menstrual cups.


The Cup Effect

The Cup Effect empowers women and girls and protect the environment by raising awareness about menstrual cups and making them more widely available. They want to see a world where all women and girls, regardless of where they live or their economic status, have access to sustainable menstrual products. Don’t we all!

Malawi Girl Guides

The Girl Guides in Malawi love their menstrual cups because they are hygienic, reduce environmental waste and save money. Through training sessions with women across Malawi, they reduce stigma and improve understanding and respect of girls' bodies through open discussions of menstrual health.

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Women Fighting Period Stigma Around the World

Women Fighting Period Stigma Around the World

This International Women’s Day, we’re taking It’s a Menstrual Cup international and celebrating three incredible women fighting period stigma around the world.