Buying a Menstrual Cup

Okay, so you’re definitely interested in the menstrual cup, but how do you know what cup is best and where do you even find one?

You can buy menstrual cups both online and in stores, but if you’ve never seen a menstrual cup, it may be good to take a look at one in person before you purchase. This will give you a better sense of the size, shape, and feel which may impact which cup you want to buy. Although you may not have seen them before, menstrual cups are available at major retailers right next to the tampons and pads.

Types of Menstrual Cups

Finding the right cup for you requires doing a little digging, but these four brands are a good place to start your search. Or check out this article from Cosmopolitan which has a bit more information about the different types of cups.


What Size cup should I Buy?

Most menstrual cups come in two different sizes, small and large. The general rule of thumb is the smaller size is for those who haven’t given birth or are under 30, the larger size is for anyone whose given birth or over 30. This is a general rule of thumb so it’s a good starting point but there are a couple of other things to consider when choosing your menstrual cup size.

As menstrual cups are supposed to sit below your cervix, it’s important to know your cervix height. You can measure your cervix height using your finger. Simply insert your (freshly washed) finger into your vagina until you feel your cervix (it will feel a bit firmer, kinda like the tip of your nose). If you can get one joint of your finger in, you have a low cervix, two joints, your cervix is average height. If you can fit your entire finger in, you have a high cervix.

For a low cervix, a smaller cup is recommended. For a high cervix may fit a bit better. For more information about how to measure your cervix, check out this video from Put a Cup In It